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In my experience where anxiety has been a problem in a person’s life for some time, there will also have been episodes of depression because the person feels stuck in what appears to be a cycle of distress.

Many times the anxiety problems can be traced back to a point in a person’s life where they have experienced great distress or trauma, which wasn’t properly dealt with at the time it occurred, either due to lack of maturity e.g. they were a child or there was just too much going on for them to take the time to face and deal with the situation when it occurred.

http://www.fake.comThe mechanism at work here is a very natural one, for instance when we come to a door our mind goes on a search for information and instantaneously finds a template for what a door is and guides us to open it the right way. 

This is a process we rely on thousands of times a day to prevent us from having to reinvent the wheel everytime we come across a familiar experience. However, if a mildly stressful experience causes us to reference a major unresolved stress in our past, the anxiety suddenly flooding the experience can be less than useful. 

The way I approach this is to enable a person's unconscious mind to process and understand the past experiences, in a such a way that when they are thought about, the person has a logical rational understanding of them rather than an emotional response. Once this has been done the past experience is no longer informing a person's experience emotionally.

Various other issues are often part of the package with anxiety. This is because anxiety fuels the 'fight or flight' response which causes people to be rather black and white in their life view. People locked in this way of looking at the world will often demand very high standards from themselves and others, often to the extent that people will call them a perfectionist. The problem here is that because they only see things in a black and white way anything less than perfect is seen as a failure. This often causes them to place huge demands on themselves and others both at work and socially, to the extent that they may even start to avoid social interaction. This is why I take time in my sessions to deal with this aspect of the anxiety problem as well.

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