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  • Smoking costs businesses thousands of pounds a year due to unnecessary absenteeism through illness. New smoking regulations mean staff are often outside in all weathers during ‘cigarette breaks’ come rain, come sleet, come snow.
  • Smoking is still one of the primary causes of heart and lung disease.
  • Smokers take longer to recover from illness and disease. Dental work is more common amongst smokers due to gum disease.
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  • Contrary to the belief held by most people, smoking actually increases stress levels.
  • Nicotine impairs circulation, while carbon monoxide can restrict oxygen uptake by 15%. These are two of the primary reasons why smokers often lack energy or feel tired throughout the day.
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  • The cocktail of over 4000 chemicals and poisons contained in cigarettes means that smokers are literally dying for a cigarette.

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So, is Smoking killing your business?

Hypnosis Choice SignpostThe good news is, Positive Health Hypnosis makes it easier for companies to help their staff stop smoking. Employers have a number of options to choose from:
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  • Group sessions have the advantage of being cost effective whilst offering an overall saving in time. There are various price partnerships suggested in this area if employers wish to help their staff towards the cost of stopping.
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  • One to one sessions are available for the time conscious executive who prefers the more private, tailored, approach allowed by this way of working.
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  • Introductory talks are also available. These presentations help staff and employers decide if this is the right method for them.
To find out more about a tailored approach to your companies stop smoking needs call: 0800 468 1990

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