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Phobias and Fears

Phobias can be divided into roughly two types:

Phobia Type one: A person knows precisely what caused the phobia and when it started e.g. for a fear of flying that might be a very traumatic flight where it was feared the plane might crash or in the case of a dog phobia having been attacked by a dog.

Phobia Type Two: The person says, 'I've had it all my life I can't remember when it first started'. This usually implies the phobia has been learned by watching someone else experience the phobia or by being told by someone else (such as a parent) that the object they fear is dangerous.

Regardless of how the phobia has been formed it is obviously important to take into consideration an individual's personal history so that they can experience a full and complete freedom from the phobia. 

Sometimes a person will believe they have a phobia, when in fact, what they are experiencing would be better described as having an anxiety in certain situations. 

This is the benefit of having a brief chat over the phone which can quickly clarify the true nature of the problem, how it can be best dealt with and put your mind at rest.

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