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Hypnotherapy V's Nicotine Replacement
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Quit Smoking With Hypnosis
New Scientist Magazine says: "Hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking"   48 studies covering over 6000 smokers

With my Hypnosis Method you can quit smoking while you relax and:

  • Be much less likely to gain weight when you quit smoking. 
  • Enjoy a meal, drink, time out, in anything without the need for a cigarette.
  • Deal with stress without cigarettes.
  • Be around people that smoke, without it bothering you.
  • No longer have a craving to smoke.
  • Be free of spending an average of £10 a day or £3650 plus a year on cigarettes (£36,500 every ten years).
  • Live a longer, healthy life.

If you'd like to stop smoking while you relax or want more information, please call me now for a free confidential telephone consultation Mobile: 0777 630 4063 or
Office:  0800 468 1990I

For proof that I can help you quit smoking 
Stop Smoking Hypnosis
So How you Quit Smoking?
Smoking is a habit because it’s controlled by our unconscious mind that's why using logic and alone doesn’t normally stand a chance! Hypnosis allows us to talk directly with the unconscious mind, which is why it's the only method that makes sense and why it usually only takes one session to quit!
Hypnosis for health
So Are You Ready To
Become A Non-Smoker?
If you really want to stop smoking,  this method offers an easier solution. Other methods designed to help you stop can leave you feeling irritable or depressed. But, hypnosis, especially when combined with the methods I use can actually remove your desire to smoke.
Weight control helpMaking It Easier
It’s not so painful or difficult to stop smoking using my method because I take the pleasure you used to derive from smoking and transfer it to a healthier habit of your choice. It could be exercise water, relaxation - you want.


Hypnosis for healthFree Back-Up
I have so much confidence in my
, I offer a FREE support. This means if you do start smoking again within a year of seeing me, just give me a call and I’ll book you in for a second session, at absolutely no additional cost.
Contact for Hypnosis
So if you want help to quit smoking, phone me today, on 0800 468 1990 or 07776304063 and quit smoking in what's probably the easiest, most painless way possible.

Hypnosis question? 
If you are still not sure if this is the right method for you, that's okay, but why not take advantage of my free telephone consultation service? There is no obligation to book so you have nothing to lose but your habit. Just phone either of the numbers above.
Did you know? In 2007, 18 months after Scotland's smoking ban started, found that the number of heart attacks in Scotland had fallen by 17%.
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