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Testimonials From Happy People Who Quit Smoking While They Relaxed With Hypnosis 

Dear Philip, I had a treatment with you in September 2011 for stopping smoking. I just wanted to let you know for your records that to date I haven't had one cigarette, not even a puff of one and I don't have any cravings what so ever. I'm around people that smoke all the time and it never even crosses my mind about smoking myself. Thank you so much for your help, it really has made such a difference to my life both physically and socially. 
Thanks again  
K. Scannell
Philip, this method of hypnosis took away all my fears and anxieties of giving up the battle with smoking. It gave me the confidence to successfully give up.
Rose Geoffrey (Brighton)
Dear Philip Just writing to thank you so much for helping me with my previous fear of flying. I have just got back from my round the world trip and I was so much better flying that my girlfriend thought I was a different person, I didn’t panic once. I don’t know what it was you did but it worked amazingly and I’ve recommended hypnosis to many people along my travels. Thanks again for everything.
Jake Darling, (Horsham, West Sussex)
  When I reached my 50th birthday towards the end of 2002 I realised I had been a smoker about of my life! Over the years I had tried various methods to stop smoking for but without true success. In early 2003 I decided I should try again to stop smoking using a different method. I was hypnotised by Philip Knox in April 2003. hypnotism has thankfully worked for me and years later, I am thrilled that I have no desire to smoke! Thank Phil!
Yours sincerely
Richard Harris (Chalfont St Giles)
  gave up smoking May 2005 a date I will not forget in a hurry. It has significantly changed my life in many ways. I guess as I never wanted to stop smoking it was shocking to everyone that I did me I can do anything.
Kind regards
Jennifer Black (Uxbridge)
 I did not feel the need to smoke which is amazing since I was smoking 40 a day Patel (Hayes)
Roy Patel (Hayes)
Hi Philip, writing to let you know that it is a year since I smoked and I’m so happy! Thank you again.
Merry Christmas
Barbara Darcy (Brighton)
 I smoked 20 a day for 23 years I never believed I could do it. In the I’ve tried the gum and the patches and failed each time. for giving me this control back still wake up some mornings hardly able to believe I used to smoke.
Karen Inkpen (Hillingdon)
  I have wanted to stop smoking, but could not stop. I did not believe Hypnosis would work for me, but it has. I have stopped smoking and I will not smoke again. It is unbelievable. I am surprised and happy, thanks to Positive Health Hypnosis.
Jonathon Dawa (East Grinstead)
I attended your clinic the November, in order to stop smoking. It worked a treat and I've never smoked a cigarette since. I am now enquiring about another matter. I will have to travel from Scotland but am prepared to do so as Heathrow is nearby, so it won't difficult to get to your office.
Once again thanks for your help back in November, I've never looked back.
David South (Scotland)
 With the power of Knox has successfully turned me into a non-smoker and it hasn't even felt like a huge effort of willpower on my part. easy. effective and straight away. I'm now enjoying that clean fresh No stale tobacco smells on my clothes or in my hair. I feel and have now joined a Gym. The CDs Phil sends out prior to your consultation prepare you thoroughly for what's in store.
Phil for helping me overcome this filthy habit that controlled my life for 20 or so years.
Olga Doukakaros (Hillingdon)
I came to see you the February and I have never felt better! Thanks so much!
Nikki Westland

These are just a few of the many testimonials I have on file for smoking many other issues that I have helped my clients with.

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If you'd like to hear more about my approach to quitting smoking you can listen to me on a radio interview at the BBC, just click on the player button below.
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