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Stop Anxiety

Anxiety is often the result of unresolved past experiences. Hypnosis is able to resolve these issues at the unconscious level and free a person from the anxiety, no matter how many years it may have been going on for.

Stop Smoking

It's been said that smoking is more difficult to stop than heroin (by ex-heroin addicts) but with my hypnosis approach, backed by 25 years of experience, it's easier to stop smoking than you ever thought possible

Stop Cocaine

Cocaine is actually psychologically addictive not physically addictive which is why my hypnosis approach to dealing with cocaine (including crack cocaine) problems works so well

Stop Gambling

Gambling can ruin lives but fortunately, my hypnosis approach to helping people stop can make gambling very quickly a thing of the past, without a lifetime of gamblers anonymous meetings.

Hello, I'm Philip G Knox

I have over 25 years experience of helping people just like you to get free of their anxieties and addictions. If you'd like to know more, call now on the number below and arrange a free phone consultation.

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Philip G Knox Addiction Hypnotherapist

I specialise in freeing  people from anxiety and addiction

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Certificates & Verifications

Philip G Knox PSCH, CBT, MPH, EHP NLP BHR, CNHC, SQHP, GHSC, GHR. is a highly verified and certificated practising hypnotherapist

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