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                     Stop Fear And Anxiety

Anxiety can be a major problem in and of itself but it can also cause people to avoid many situations or self medicate in various ways in an attempt to cope with this unwanted feeling


The source of your fear and anxiety may not be what you think it is. Due to the way the mind works, anxious and fearful feelings can often be traced back to a distressing time in a person's life when they didn't have the resources to deal with what was going on either due to their age or lack of experience at the time.  This time is then used as a reference for how to respond when a stressful event occurs. 

The mechanism at work here is a very natural one, for instance when we come to a door our mind goes on a search for information and instantaneously finds a template for what a door is, what a handle does and guides us to open it the right way.

This is a process we rely on thousands of times a day to prevent us from having to reinvent the wheel every time we come across a familiar experience. 

However, if a mildly stressful experience causes us to reference a major unresolved stress in our past, the emotion suddenly flooding the experience can be less than useful, as it can cause us to respond in a way that's inappropriate or out of proportion to what's in front of us.

The approach I use enables the unconscious mind to process and update the past event (eg you are no longer that younger you) so that the mind no longer replays the emotional response from the original event as if you were still in it.

This means that when the past experience is referenced it is no longer 'unconsciously' informing a person's experience emotionally and they are able to respond to life situations free of inappropriate emotions from the past.

If you would like to know more, please call me to arrange a free phone consultation and discover whether my approach is the right one for you please call: 07776304063


Please remember, if you have problems leaving your house or travelling, I can also work with you over the internet

via Skype or Zoom.


Dear Philip Just writing to thank you so much for helping me with my previous fear of flying. I have just got back from my round the world trip and I was so much better flying that my girlfriend thought I was a different person, I didn’t panic once. I don’t know what it was you did but it worked amazingly and I’ve recommended hypnosis to many people along my travels. Thanks again for everything.

Jake D, (Horsham, West Sussex)


"Ever wondered whether hypnotherapy would help with your problem but afraid to go 'under' with someone you don't know?

Well, I can totally recommend Phil Knox. He has changed my life in one (quite long!) morning. I have lived with a crippling phobia that had always been a problem but more recently was dominating my life detrimentally. About 20 years ago I had considered hypnotherapy but was far too nervous to go and how do you know if they are any good. One extra desperate day I was sharing all these concerns with a very dear friend and she said she had been to someone (Phil Knox) to help her stop smoking and had never touched a cigarette since.

This gave me the courage I needed and after a quick call (free of charge) to chat to Phil so he could assess whether he was likely to be able to help me, my appointment was booked. I feel like a totally different person now that my mind is not dogged by ridiculous fears and worries.

I would recommend Phil wholeheartedly and without reservation. "

Barbara L. London


Why we sometimes feel like we're fighting ourselves 

when fear and anxiety occurs.

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