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Phobias like many fears usually have their roots in childhood. Even if they may have only got worse after a more recent experience which has seemed to amplify them.

An example of this is where a person has had only mild anxiety about flying and then suddenly, after experiencing some very bad turbulence, their fears have become overwhelming.

Phobias can generally be divided into two types 1) Those where a person knows exactly when the phobia started and what caused it. 2) those that were learnt from watching a parent or a significant other. Usually, with type '2'phobias,  a person doesn't remember when the phobia first began or what caused it because it was learned unconsciously.

Whatever the cause, phobias are usually very straight forward to work with and I have enjoyed great success in helping people free themselves of these unnecessary blights on their lives. Enabling them to enjoy a full and happy life.

To find out more and take the first step towards freedom from fear,

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