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Quit Cocaine 'Addiction' While You Relax With Hypnosis

How much better would your life be when your free from Cocaine?

Phil Knox

I have been applying my very successful methods of hypnosis to the area of 'Cocaine Addiction' (in all its various forms) for many years now. 

There has been much research into the area of 'Cocaine Addiction' and the results show that it is a 'Psychological Addiction' (Habit) and not a 'Physical Chemical Addiction'. That is to say that whilst a person can develop a psychological habit of cocaine use and develop a tolerance for it (eg it requires more over time to achieve even a similar effect to that experienced during earlier use), a person does not develop 'physical dependence'.

To quote Robert LeFever a leading expert on addiction in the UK, 'Cocaine abuse and cocaine addiction cannot easily be distinguished because there may be no withdrawal symptoms.'

No surprise then, that children born to a mother with a 'Cocaine Addiction' are not born with the 'Addiction'.

For the reasons stated above the people who I've helped to stop taking cocaine don't go on to suffer withdrawal symptoms.

This is why my approach to 'Cocaine Addiction' can be so successful in helping people break the habit. People often comment that it was easier than they thought possible. No matter how long they had been using cocaine and this includes crack cocaine.

Maybe you've reached the point where you're spending over £100 a day. What else could you be doing with that money, with your life? Aside from the money, what's the true cost? 

 I've seen many people who were about to lose their job, their family or contact with their children if they hadn't stopped. many sadly had already lost connection with their loved ones. That's without the side effects of cocaine such as paranoia, mood swings, memory loss, brain damage, heart damage, respiratory failure, seizures and the risk of sudden death.

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Text from a client:

It worked!

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