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Negative feelings often play a large role in addictions because an addiction is often a coping strategy for feelings a person hasn't been able to deal with at a conscious level

The mind is a pattern matching machine. When we find ourselves in a situation that is potentially stressful the mind goes on a search for information to help us deal with it. Because memory is context and feeling related, the mind is looking for times when this context or feeling has previously occurred. 

The trouble is, if there is a situation in our past that hasn't been properly processed and dealt with, as the mind recalls that situation we feel like we are reliving it, at the age, we were at the time it originally occurred.

A clue that this is happening is if you find yourself in a challenging situation and begin to feel like a little child or a fraud (not up to the task before you). This is often your mind accessing a younger memory when you didn't have the resources you have now and replaying the feelings from that time.

The mechanism at work here is a very natural one, for instance when we come to a door our mind goes on a search for information and instantaneously finds a template for what a door is and guides us to open it the right way.

This is a process we rely on thousands of times a day to prevent us from having to reinvent the wheel everytime we come across a familiar experience. However, if a mildly stressful experience causes us to reference a major unresolved stress in our past, the anxiety suddenly flooding the experience can be less than useful.

The approach I use enables the unconscious mind to process and update the past event (you are no longer that younger you)  so that the mind no longer replays the emotional responses from the original event.

This means that when the past experience is referenced it is no longer 'unconsciously' informing your current experience emotionally and you are able to respond to life situations free of inappropriate emotions from the past.

If you would like to know more, please call me to arrange a free phone consultation and discover whether my approach is the right one for you, please call 07776304063

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