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Why hypnosis works to cure unwanted feelings and behaviours,

Have you often wondered why it feels like you're fighting yourself when you try to control certain feelings and behaviours?

The answer may surprise you because even though certain feelings (including desires or cravings) can be very, very painful, they are often not the real problem.

This is because your feelings and behaviours are a response to your beliefs about life, not life itself. This means that once you change your beliefs about something the feelings and behaviours change automatically.

For Instance:

Have you ever thought that you had lost something only to find moments later that you hadn't? While you believed the item was lost you may have felt stressed, panicked or worried, but as soon as you discovered your mistake and realised the item wasn't lost, you relaxed. The feelings you felt during this incident were real enough but they were based on what you believed was happening (that you had lost something) not the reality itself (you had it all the time).

The trouble is that many times the beliefs and thoughts that cause you to feel bad or act inappropriately are not only incorrect but also outside of your conscious awareness.

Let me explain:

Science has discovered that you really have three brains, not just one

You have what's known as the 'Reptilian Brain' sometimes called the 'Old Brain' as it's the part of the human brain that evolved first. It is responsible in the main for automatic body functions and processing.

Next, you have 'The Limbic System', sometimes called the 'Old Mamillian Brain' or 'Middle Brain', which was the second part of the brain to evolve and amongst other things is responsible for emotions

Frontal Cortex

Finally, you have the Neo-cortex also called the New Brain as it was the last part of the brain to evolve.

The New Brain is the part of the mind considered to be responsible for conscious thought, but not surprisingly it has been discovered that your behaviours and emotions are affected just as much if not more so by the Old and Middle brain, which on the whole operate outside your conscious awareness.

Frontal Cortex

A good example of this is a person with a phobia of spiders. They can talk logically and rationally all day long about why they shouldn’t be afraid of spiders in this country (UK), but if someone were to come along and even pretend to drop a spider in their lap, you wouldn’t see them for dust.

Frontal Cortex

Unconscious beliefs and thoughts are the reason we often feel like we are fighting ourselves when we try to take control of an unwanted emotion such as anxiety, anger, depression, or an unwanted behaviour such as smoking or overeating.

Change mind

Panicked behaviours often begin as an attempt to cope with an unwanted emotion.

The reason that Hypnosis can often help you deal with your problem behaviours and emotions relatively quickly is that it's a fast way to change the unconscious beliefs and thoughts that have actually been causing them.

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Now, when Hypnosis is combined with Cognitive Therapy and some relatively new discoveries within the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming, changes can be made even more quickly,*

That's why being an expert experienced in combining these methods, I can help you deal with your problem in as little as just one session.

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If you have any questions or queries please call me today at 07776304063 for your FREE, confidential, telephone consultation.

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